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Zacoe – MKV Toyota Supra Body Kit


Category: Product ID: 8483



Zacoe’s Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber Body kit products represent the peak of technology and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail. Creative, functional and innovative, they are elegantly crafted by professional designer using Zacoe’s savoir-faire.


These kits are built per order and take approximately 4 months for delivery.


The Zacoe Supra wide body kit is limited in 50 sets. They provide two different material versions: carbon fiber and glass-fiber reinforced plastic,

details below show the price for the full kit (w/o hood and rear wing):


1. carbon fiber wide body kit: $23,800, limited to 20 sets

2. glass-fiber wide body kit: $9,000, limited to 30 sets

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