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Tesla Model 3 Matte Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


Category: Product ID: 9219


  • All of your factory trim, buttons, paddles, and airbag must be moved from your stock steering wheel to the new one. If you ordered your steering wheel with a trim or paddle shifter upgrade, you do not need to swap these.
  • All steering wheels are CUSTOM ordered and cannot be canceled once the order is approved regardless of time frame or inability to install.
  • Professional installation is required. We do not provide diagrams, “How To” guides, retrofits, or wiring instructions.


  • 12 O-Clock Ring – This is the center ring on the top of the steering wheel that gives it the race look.  Hard materials such as carbon fiber, is painted.  On leather, Alcantara, or soft materials, this is sewn in place.  For either, this can be thin or thick.  We always default to thick unless the customer specifies in comments.  The Tri-Color options are the colors of that country’s flag.

  • Steering Wheel Stitching – This is the stitching color that is used on the steering wheel.  The Tri-Color options are the colors of that countries flag.

  • Steering Wheel Top Section – This is the top of the steering wheel that goes from 10 to 2.  Different materials and finishes can be done.

  • Steering Wheel Hand Grips – This is the area between around 7-10 and 2-5 where your hands are usually at while driving.  Most people prefer perforated leather to breathe best or alcantara for high performance sports cars.  This can be done in other materials or colors.

  • Steering Wheel Bottom Section – This is the bottom of the steering wheel between 7 and 5.  This is typically done to match the top but can be done in a variety of materials and colors. If the steering wheel bottom has the space, we can include a bottom inlay.

  • Steering Wheel Bottom Inlay – This is the portion of the steering wheel bottom around 6 O’Clock where we can inlay a separate piece of material.  For example if you did all leather but wanted to have an inlay of carbon fiber there.  This can only be done if enough material is there on the steering wheel.

  • Steering Wheel Shape Top – The top of the steering wheel is typically round or the stock shape.  We can also do these in a semi flat shape or even a flat shape.  This involves altering the wheels factory structural ring.

  • Steering Wheel Shape Bottom – The bottom of the steering wheel is usually done in a semi flat shape.  Most people prefer this for a more sporty driving experience.  A completely flat shape can be done but this involves altering the wheels factory structural ring.

  • Finger Ridges – We can add the finger ridges to the backside of any steering wheel top.  This gives some nice driving comfort for those that like to get there hands up to top to cruise the roads.

  • Center Trim – We can also customize the center trim that goes around buttons and the airbag IF the core we use has the center trim available.  Typical steering wheel cores do not include the center trim.  This may be an additional cost for us to allocate a core.  Should you receive a core with the trim done, we need to receive back your core with the OEM trim.

  • Other Options Not Listed – For additional costs, we can also do airbag covers. This requires the airbag cover provided or sourced.  For those with heated steering wheels, we can retain this option for an additional cost as well.  Contact us for further pricing.

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