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GReddy Pro Intake Plenum with 90mm Throttle Body Toyota 2JZ-GTE


Category: Product ID: 9282


Designed specifically for custom applications with 2JZ engine transplants, the GReddy 2JZ Pro Surge Tank Kit offers the versatility to best match the throttle-body inlet angle and vacuum/airports for your engine bay. This Pro kit includes 4.0l tank capacity with a large 90mm throttle body, and top feed fuel rail, and necessary weld-on flanges. For additional rigidity during high boost applications, it uses a thick 3mm formed metal tank that is welded to a precision machined, grooved base, with six individual, internal velocity stacks. Also pre-welded are the tuned primary runners and intake manifold flange with fuel injector ports. Another key feature is the unique, purpose-built fuel-resist, ring-type gaskets that seal the manifold to the head.

Kit Includes:

  • Surge Tank
  • Throttle Body
  • Throttle Flange
  • Fuel Delivery Tube & Mounts


  • Collector tank capacity 4.02 l (normal ratio 200%)
  • Surge tank, base plate and runners pre-welded
  • Welding required to attach throttle body flange, throttle cable mount and air port flanges
  • Tuned internal velocity stacks on each runner
  • Primary runner length 13.0mm, OD 14.0mm ID 13.0mm
  • Specially designed and manufactured O-ring style gasket provide superior manifold to head sealing for each runner
  • Throttle-body hose diameter 100mm, internal butterfly diameter 90mm with low-profile throttle shaft
  • Fuel Delivery tube for 14mm top feed injector (compatible with Nissan R35 VR38DETT factory injectors)
  • Compatible with OEM factory Idler Control Valve and TPS Throttle Position Sensor


  • Needs assembly/ welding
  • For competition (race) use ONLY. Check the legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing.
  • This product is illegal to be driven on public roads in the USA.


Other Part Numbers:
Greddy #gre13512303

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