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Active Autowerke Aftercooler Cooling Kit BMW F80 M3 2014-2018


Category: Product ID: 8205


The Active silicone charge pipes for the F80 M3, F82/F83 M4 and the F87 M2 Competition improve the flow over the stock, compressed plastic pipes. The Active Silicone Charge Pipes allow you to maximize power on your F8X by securing all the boost that your S55 is making. These pipes replace the hot-side pipes leaving the turbos and into the top-mount aftercooler. The stock S55 charge pipes are notorious for developing hairline fractures at their plastic seams. These fractures or cracks are unnoticeable to the naked eye, but under boost pressure they open up leaking the desired charged air into the engine bay, and consequently can rob your S55 of it’s full power potential. In addition, these leaks can trigger your S55’s turbochargers to work harder to hit and maintain target boost pressure, potentially wearing them out sooner. Active uses silicone in this area because it will not contribute to heat soak and it’s easier to mold for the correct clearances. Active uses a 5-layer silicone hose with all needed adapters and stainless hose clamps included. It fits perfectly with our CNC’d top-mount cooler.

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